Just like classic poker only we substitute the letters on your plate for the cards in your hand. License Plates contain six or seven characters, consisting of one letter followed by three numbers followed by two letters. These characters will act as your "cards." Your hand will be the best five cards found in the number/letter combination available from your plate.

* A=Ace, K=King, Q=Queen, J=Jack, 0 (zero) = 10, W or X = Wild Card
* All other letters are nothing (don't count for anything)
* Since we're using 1s, Aces are high
* Look for hands containing pairs of numbers or letters to make three-of-a-kind, two pair, straight, full houses, etc.

Best hands are listed in order below:
1. 5 of a Kind
2. 4 of a Kind
3. Full-House
4. Straight
5. 3 of a Kind
6. 2 pair
7. 1 pair
Bonus Chips:
8. The Wheel
9. Broadway
10.Dealer Plate

Some samples:
Your plate: A599RF your hand: pair of nines
Your plate: K424AK your hand: two pair - kings and fours
Your plate: J908XQ your hand: straight - 8-9-10-Jack-Queen
Your plate: A444BA your hand: full house: - Fours over Aces (Boat)
Your plate: AA4AW6 your hand: 4 of a kind - remember W is "wild"

A few more rules…
1.) You have to have a clear photo of license plate to submit.
2.) You don’t have to be the owner of the car or plate.
3.) Rules are subject to change so check our website often to get the latest***
4.) Don't like the rules or want to make up a rule, or want to call our bluff, email us.

The Road Trip Game is played the same way, but you use LPP Chips to keep track of your hands and money.
Chip 1 = 1 pair KK , AA, 77
Chip 2 = 2 pair KK-00, 66-33
Chip 3 = 3 of a kind
Chip 4 = Straight 34567, 56789, (they do not have to be in order on plate)
Chip 5 = Full House 999 44
Chip 6 = 4 of a Kind 5555, 9999
Chip 7 = 5 of a Kind 7777X

Bonus Chips
Chip 8 = Wheel 12345
Chip 9 = Dealer Plate Plate has the word DEALER
Chip 10 = Best Natural Possible Hand (No Wilds) AAAAA or KKK AA , 777777

Game starts with Driver picking a plate to Start:
10 chips in play @ $1 a game chip-Pot is
Driver spots a plate 9077 X2K= 3 of a kind 7’s – He gets 3 of a Kind chip.
Player #2 Either tries to steal or Pick up a better hand 888 or Full-House ect.
You want to accumulate as many chips as possible and the greater amount of hand the more value of chip.

License Plate Poker on You Tube

License Plate Poker Photos

Four 7's X is wild

Straight to the Six "I'd Rather Be Surfing"

Two-of-a-kind AA 22

Four-of-a-Kind 10's

Old School "Cali Plate" Full-House 8's over 1's